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Central Air Installation: Important Things to Know About Adding Central Air to Your Nassau County Home

Whether you’re thinking about new central air installation or you’re in need of central air repair for your existing system, if you’re located in Great Neck Plaza, NY, contact Flex Air Heating and Air Conditioning. We’re a family-owned and operated full-service Nassau County HVAC company that is committed to maintaining the comfort of our clients’ homes with premium-quality central AC installation and central AC repair. Our professionally trained, fully licensed and insured central air contractors have decades of experience and will always go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. Keeping cool is a breeze with Flex Air!

5 Important Things to Know About Central Air Installation

Have you been thinking about installing central air conditioning in your Great Neck Plaza, NY home but have been putting it off because you’re afraid of the cost and the renovations that it may require? If so, here’s a look at five important things to know about central air installation that may change your mind.

Operating Costs have Changed Dramatically

Once upon a time, the cost of running a central air conditioner was one of the biggest downsides of whole-house cooling. While it’s true that the many older models were inefficient and did cause energy bills to skyrocket, that’s not the case today. Newer central air conditioning systems are outfitted with the latest technologies and are extremely energy efficient; in fact, newer models are about 40% more efficient than their predecessors.

The seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of older systems typically ranged between 4 and 10 (the higher the SEER rating, the better the efficiency), but since 2006, central air conditioners must have a minimum SEER rating of 13. Some modern HVAC systems have a SEER rating as high as 26!

Thanks to higher SEER ratings, running a central air conditioner has never been more affordable.

You Don’t have to Sacrifice Aesthetic Appeal for Comfort

In order to get relief from the heat, Nassau County homeowners who don’t have whole-house cooling have to sacrifice aesthetic appeal. Window units can mar curb appeal; plus, they take away natural light and prevent you from being able to use the windows that they’re placed in.

Previous central air conditioners didn’t always promise better visual appeal over window units, either. They often featured big, bulky compressors that took up large amounts of space and glaringly obvious indoor registers that stuck out like a sore thumb. That’s not the case with modern units. The design of today’s system can blend in seamlessly with your home.

The room outlets of some modern systems are super discreet. Instead of large, unsightly metal registers, they feature smaller covers that come in a variety of colors; some can even be stained or painted. These more style-friendly designs mean you don’t have to sacrifice the aesthetic appeal of your home for comfort or sacrifice your comfort to maintain the look of your home.

You have Total Control Over Cooling

In the past, it used to be that you couldn’t control the cooling power that a central air conditioner delivered. All rooms had to be cooled to the same temperature; it wasn’t possible to have a higher setting in one room and a lower setting in another.

Thanks to today’s systems, that all-or-nothing approach to cooling is no more. Most modern central air conditioners offer the option to create cooling zones that are controlled by separate thermostats. As such, you have total control over the temperature in your entire home. With a zoned system, you can adjust the setting on individual thermostats to the ideal temperature for each room or location in your home. Furthermore, you can turn off the AC in rooms that aren’t being used, which translates to lower utility bills, as you can avoid using energy unnecessarily.

Minimal Renovations Required

It used to be that central air installation almost always required renovations. The large metal ductwork that was used to channel the cooled air took up a tremendous amount of space and was virtually impossible to install in an existing building without remodeling. Often, soffits or dropped ceilings would have to be installed to conceal the ductwork.

Nowadays, you don’t have to give up valuable space or make major changes to your home. Minimal renovations are needed for many of today’s central air conditioning systems. A lot of systems feature modular coils and air handlers that can be installed into virtually any location; closets, ducts, ceilings, crawl spaces, and attics, for example. They also feature mini-ducts that can easily be run through existing floors and ceilings, or between joists in wall cavities. Their air handlers are space-efficient, too, and can fit into openings that measure just a few feet wide or tall. These space-saving, non-invasive designs make it possible to install central AC in houses that have little to no space for ductwork.

Quick and Easy Installation

Installing modern central ACs is a lot more convenient and takes a lot less time than it used to. Because of the streamlined designs, there’s no need to do drastic renovations or run big, bulky coils and handlers. Because floors, ceilings, and walls don’t have to be opened up, there’s less mess to contend with and virtually no disruption. The job also gets done a lot faster than it used to.

Depending on the size of your home and the system that you require, you can start taking advantage of whole-house cooling in just a few hours!

Read to Enjoy Total Comfort?

If you’re ready to start enjoying total comfort, contact Flex Air for your central air installation needs. Our HVAC company carries a large selection of the most technologically advanced central ACs and can have your house cooled off in no time. We offer central air conditioning repair services, too, so if you ever experience a problem down the road, you can count on our technicians to fix it.

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